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58                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

I was recommending one of Miss Burney's
novels to Madame Lemoine.

** Vos romans Anglais sont si tristes," said she,

"Pas toujours, madame."

"A vous dire vrai, je n'en ai lu qu'un, et il
m'a paru d'une tristesse inconc£vable,"

" Et son titre ? "

"II s'appelle les Nuits d5Young!"

It is the fashion now at Paris for ladies to
be, or pretend to be, learned—at least au fait of
history—which has certainly not been part of their
education. The remarks one hears coming from
them are sometimes very diverting. Someone was
talking of St. Louis and Louis XVI. as being
the best kings France could boast of, except
Henry IV.

"Pour moi," said Madame d'Osmond, "de
tous les rois de France, je vous declare que c'est
Louis V. qui est mon favori."

The only thing recorded of this monarch is
his having obtained the surname of Le Faineant.

The other night, at the Th6S.tre Frangais, the
part of Mithridate was acted by Granger, who
squints and is very ugly. When Monime said to
him, " Seigneur, vous changes de visage," a man
in the parterre called out, ** Eh I tant mieux 1
laissez le faire."